Electrical Power Services: For Multiple Sectors (Mainly Power, Oil & Gas and Industrial Sectors)

  • As per design & drawing; electrical main & auxiliary systems inspection, installation, electrical testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning / start-up jobs.
  • We offer our professional services for Power Quality (PQ) problems rectification and to provide solutions to maximize the reliability of electrical power system network. Power quality refers to the quality of electrical energy in a power system. Poor power quality affects power system reliability, productivity, profitability, competitiveness, low equipment performance and premature aging with breakdowns, leads to higher operating costs, environmental impacts and safety concerns and penalties for non-compliance with grid codes. There are few significant sources of poor power quality, mainly wiring issues, improper systems grounding, waveform distortion – harmonics generation due to non-linear load, low power factor, load imbalance etc. Quality has its cost, but poor quality has definitely a higher cost.
  • Our professional services are available for equipment / plant relocation projects at new site. We shall carry out all the required maintenance / servicing, defective parts replacement of equipment during relocation jobs and complete working for all related mechanical jobs with Electrical works.
  • Electrical power cables laying / inspection and testing jobs.
  • Electrical systems shutdown jobs and maintenance services with short / long term maintenance contracts.
  • We offer professional services for renewable energy projects – solar or wind turbines independent and solar with wind turbines hybrid “On & Off – Grid” complete power projects.
  • Our services are for complete related Mechanical working with main Electrical jobs.