Vaisala Optimus™ DGA Monitor OPT100 – For Online Monitoring of Power Transformers – (Multiple gases + moisture)


Finally, the world’s first maintenance free multi-gas DGA Monitor requiring no consumables of any kind.

  • No carrier or calibration gasses to monitor and replace regularly
  • No internal column or measurement components to replace periodically
  • No fixed filters/filter wheels, membranes or capillary tubes that will wear out and need repair or replacement.

Measured Parameters in Oil:

Methane (CH4), Ethane (C2H6), Ethylene (C2H4), Acetylene (C2H2), Carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen (H2), Moisture (H2O).


Key Benefits

  • No More False Alarms

The monitor’s IR sensor is based on Vaisala core measurement technology and critical sensor components manufactured in Vaisala cleanrooms. Vacuum gas extraction means no data fluctuation due to oil temperature, pressure, or type, while the hermetically sealed and protected optics prevent sensor contamination. The end result? A monitor that completely eliminates false alarms.


  • A Monitor That Works Anywhere

Stainless steel pipes, IP66-rated, temperature-controlled housing, as well as a magnetic pump and valves provide superb performance and durability – from the arctic to the tropics. There are also no consumables to service or replace.


  • Intelligent Features for Hassle-free Monitoring

The monitor has a web-based interface that completely eliminates the need for additional software, and the device can be installed quickly – just connect the oil, power and data connections, and it’s ready to go. And in case of a disturbance like a power outage, self-diagnostics allow the monitor to adjust itself.