Intelligent Condition Monitoring Services – Power Systems Critical Assets; HV, MV / LV Power & Distribution Transformers

  • Intelligent condition monitoring, diagnostics with reliable solutions
  • Inspections of transformers including inspection, testing / examine of PRDs, installed protections, Silica gel dehydrating breather, Buchhloz relays, GCDs, cable boxes, bushings, fans, oil level gauge, temperature indicators, pumps, electrical controls, OLTC / OCTC, radiators / mechanical parts, transformer top area etc. During transformers “On-line”, some areas / parts general visual inspection can be performed and thorough inspection, testing / examine of all parts / areas can be performed at the time of transformer shut-down as required.
  • Transformers oil moisture contents testing On-line and also oil samples moisture contents testing at site, BDV testing at-site and other testing as per condition monitoring assessments.
  • If required, transformers oil samples collection and testing from reliable test laboratory.
  • Transformers other testing as required.
  • We offer multiple options in reliable power systems monitoring products of VAISALA, Finland to get installed permanently for “On-line” intelligent condition monitoring of HV, MV / LV power & distribution transformers as per Clients need:

OPT100 “Maintenance Free” DGA monitor (multiple gases + moisture),
MHT410 (moisture, hydrogen & temperature) transmitter,
MMT330 (moisture & temperature) transmitter,

  • A detailed report preparation with test results interpretation including expert advices and recommended solutions on the basis of transformers physical inspections, operational parameters & operating conditions and different tests reports review. The tests results will be kept in safe file with unique numbering of particular transformer for future reference and comparison.
  • Short / Long term flexible condition monitoring contracts.
  • Continues condition monitoring for your transformers and machinery adds value, not costs, to your business. We offer more than condition monitoring expertise for power systems critical assets. If a problem will be identified then our Clients will get more than a report for transformers. You shall get a solution.