HV, MV / LV Power & Distribution Transformers – Pre-commissioning, Commissioning / Start-up, Inspections, Diagnostics, Intelligent Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Services

  • We offer our professional services for power systems critical assets HV, MV / LV power & distribution transformers pre-commissioning, commissioning / start-up and maintenance jobs.
  • Intelligent condition monitoring, inspections, diagnostics, reliable solutions with permanently installed monitoring systems, tests reports review and reports preparation for clients.
  • Additionally installed SERGI transformers protector systems jobs.
  • Short & long-term flexible condition monitoring & maintenance contracts.

By early fault detection and forecasting, we can assist to increase the critical assets operational life, human safety, environmental protection and reducing operating costs associated with unplanned power outages as a result of critical assets / equipment failures. Our wider range of services / solutions maximize the availability and reliability of electrical power networks.